Bug Shield On Demand™ creates a cellophane like barrier that protects your vehicle’s paint and chrome from all bugs including Lovebugs. The easiest bug remover on the market! Bug Shield On Demand™ washes off Love Bugs and other bugs with the ease of spraying your car, truck, van or motorcycle with a garden hose. Cleaning bugs off of your vehicle doesn’t get any easier. No Scrubbing needed! Bug cleaner? Bug Remover? Bug Damage Prevention? Bug Shield On Demand™ does it all! Now available in aerosol cans!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do I need to tape any areas off before applying the product?
Answer:  No. Bug Shield On Demand™ was created to be sprayed on all surfaces, although we do not recommend it being applied to the windshield as it may reduce visibility. (Note: if you do get some on your windshield, just clean as normal. The product is water soluble.) In fact, applying it to your radiator will not reduce your cooling capacity and will make it easier for bugs to be removed.

Question:  What is the best way to apply the product?
Answer:  If possible, it’s best for the product to be applied to a clean/waxed car. With that said, the product has been tested repeatedly with a “dirty” car and it provides the same protection. Hold the can about a foot away from your vehicle and spray sweeping side to side slowly to apply a coat. Spraying too much will create dripping, which will take longer to dry. NOTE: The vehicle must be dry when the product is applied and allowed to dry, which, based upon temperature, is usually only a few minutes.

Question:  My car has an invisible bra. Do I still need this product and is it OK to apply it with this kind of protection?
Answer:  Love bugs are very acidic and can even etch the protective film. Whether they actually get to the paint won’t be known until the film is removed. Bug Shield On Demand™ provides a clear protective layer and will prevent damage to your film, if applied per the directions on the can.

Question:  What should I expect when I first apply the solution?
Answer:  Follow the directions on the can and you will initially see like an orange peel affect. This is the look you want. When it dries it will be a clear protective barrier and the orange peel look will be gone. Note: If the product is applied to thick you could get a run. Not to worry, this won’t hurt your paint but it may take longer to dry.

Question:  What do I need to do to remove Bug Shield On Demand™?
Answer:  Bug Shield On Demand™ is water soluble and will be removed with normal washing with a sponge. Little, to no scrubbing is needed to remove bugs.

Question:  How many applications will I get out of a can?
Answer:  Obviously this depends on the amount of surface area being protected and how this the product is applied. Testing on a Ford Lightning and a Jeep Wrangler with medium thick coats applied, yielded seven applications per can. Using these two examples, an application is around $2.14 per application.

Question:  Can Bug Shield On Demand™ be purchased in bulk?
Answer:  Yes. The product is available in bulk for car washes, trucking, bus, fleet providers, etc.

Question:  My car has recently been painted. Can I still use Bug Shield On Demand™?
Answer:  If your paint is cured enough to wash and wax, then you can safely apply Bug Shield On Demand™.

Question:  How long can I leave on Bug Shield On Demand™?
Answer:  We recommend not leaving on for longer than seven days. Then re-applying.

Question:  What happens if I leave Bug Shield On Demand™ on for more than seven days?
Answer:  The product is water soluble but if left on more than seven days it may require a little more sponge pressure when washing the vehicle.

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