Commercial Use

Bug Shield On Demand™ – Perfect for Fleet Vehicle Owners!
Bug Shield On Demand is now offered in 1 gallon containers, and can be easily applied with a spray gun and compressor.

      • rental car agencies

      • utility companies

      • municipalities

      • limousine companies

      • bus companies

      • taxi cab companies

      • car wash companies

    Protect Your Investment with Bug Shield On Demand
    Bug Shield On Demand™ commercial product line is an all in one solution!
    Bug Shield On Demand™ Protects – Removes – Cleans

        • Protects vehicles from bug damage:  spray on barrier protects vehicle paint and chrome from bug damage.

        • Love Bug Remover: the easiest love bug remover on the market! Works for all bugs!

        • Love Bug Cleaner: when water is applied, Bug Shield On Demand™ suds up and turns into the ultimate bug cleaner. Just hose bugs off!  Developed to provide the ultimate in love bug removal and love bug cleaner product all in one and the only product that protects your vehicle’s paint from love bug damage.

      The video below demonstrates the water-soluble, cellophane-like barrier known as Bug Shield On Demand™. Bugs stick to the barrier not the vehicle! To remove bugs, just wash vehicle as normal and bugs wash right off with the solution.

      For more information about setting up a commercial account, please CONTACT US.

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